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    2. Privacy Policy

    Created 11 September 2022

    My contact details

    Name: Andy Wightman


    The type of personal information I collect

    When you subscribe to this website you provide personal details such as your name, address and credit/debit card details. This information is not stored or processed by me but by my e-commerce provider, Foxy based in the United States. You can read their privacy policy here. The relevant section is 'Stores Using'.

    Athough I do not collect and process your information, I do have access to it.

    I use your information to manage your subscription, to resolve any contractual issues, and will only contact you in relation to any matter directly concerning the service I provide or the subscription you have purchased.

    In addition, the website provides personal information about persons who own land including their address. This information is already in the public domain and held by, for example, Registers of Scotland and Joint Valuation Boards. It is not collected from the individuals concerned but from publicly available sources and from information provided by the persons themselves (such as from websites that they publish). I store, process and publish this information for a legitimate and public interest, namely to increase transparency about who owns land.

    Your Consent

    To the extent that I have access to your information, you have the right to remove this consent at any time. You can do this by contacting me at Removing your consent will mean that I will be unable to continue to provide access to the website to you.