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    Who Owns Scotland

    3202 landholdings

    This website documents the ownership of 3202 landholdings plus the National Forest Estate across rural Scotland

    71.9% of rural Scotland

    This website accounts for the ownership of 71.9% of rural Scotland (13,686,303 acres)


    A range of subscriptions options are available to suit all users

    This website provides information on who owns Scotland. It currently covers 71.9% of rural Scotland (31 May 2024).

    The site is part of a project by Andy Wightman to provide more accessible public information on who owns land in Scotland. Due to the costs of assembling this information, this site is only available by subscription. Income will support the expansion and updating of the site. Visit the Subscribe page for details of subscription options.

    Before subscribing, please ensure that this service will meet your expectations. In particular, please read the key information on the About page and take a look at the images below that illustrate what the information looks like and the coverage currently provided across Scotland. See details about how to use the site here. The Terms and Conditions are available at the foot of this page.

    Thank you to Michael Macgregor for kind permission to use the image at the top of this page.

    Sample of the Property Page

    Coverage 31 May 2024

    Dark Grey = National Forest Estate
    Blue = all other land (>98% privately owned) included on website
    Yellow = properties added or where ownership has been updated in May 2024 update (click here for larger resolution 2.2Mb pdf)

    Who uses Who Owns Scotland

    Public & Academics

    From those curious about who owns some land, to academics conducting fieldwork and outdoor leaders wishing to contact landowners, this website can help you.

    Property Professionals

    If you are involved in land and property, this website can provide a quick overview and detailed ownership information for much of rural Scotland.

    Natural Resources

    If you are involved with natural resource management and development, this site provides you with an easy method of tracking down who owns land.

    Film Location Scouts

    Looking for a great location for your movie or found one but don't know who owns the land? Who Owns Scotland can help you.